2015 AHA ACLS/ACLS EP Instructor Essentials Course DVD


This DVD set contains the videos needed to conduct AHA’s classroom-based ACLS Instructor and ACLS EP Instructor courses.


Prior to taking this course, candidates must have a current ACLS Provider course completion card. Candidates who successfully complete the ACLS Instructor Essentials course, followed by course monitoring, will receive an ACLS instructor card, which is valid for two years. ACLS instructors are then able to teach ACLS Provider courses and conduct HeartCode® ACLS hands-on sessions.

  • This DVD set is designed for faculty conducting an ACLS Instructor course or ACLS EP Instructor course.
  • A faculty guide and an instructor candidate workbook, which can be downloaded for free on the AHA Instructor Network, will be needed to teach the course.
  • Includes 2 discs:
    • Disc One (ACLS Instructor Course Video):
      • Life Is Why™
      • Introduction
      • BLS Skills Scenarios
      • Learning Stations
      • Debriefing
      • Video-Driven Learning Stations
      • Acute Coronary Syndromes
      • Megacode Test
      • HeartCode® ACLS Demo
    • Disc Two (ACLS EP Instructor Course Video):
      • Life Is Why™
      • Introduction
      • Teaching ACLS EP
      • BLS Skills Scenarios
      • Testing in ACLS EP
      • Conducting ACLS EP Learning Stations
      • ACLS EP Learning Station Examples
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