Thank You Gifts 

$125.00 Donations receive a first aid kit

$1,000.00 Donations receive a complementary non-credential bearing class  conducted by Training For Life at either to your home or workplace

$2,500.00 Donations will be gifted an AED


Is designation given area, building, or group who have placed one or more Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), maintain the CPR/AED training of staff, residents, members, etc., and comply with all Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) oversight requirements with regard to registration & reporting, etc.

HeartSafe Schools: Place AEDs and train school staff to protect your little ones
Heartsafe Community: Take steps to protect the members of your HOA, CoOp, Club, etc.
Heartsafe Nations: Support the self-sufficiency of our Indigenous Tribal Nations
Heartsafe Vets: Protecting our aging veteran community (VFW, American Legion, etc.)

Having AEDs strategically placed along with trained (CPR/AED) citizens, wherever people gather in large numbers to live, work and play; greatly enhances the ability of Emergency Medical Services to stabilize and transport victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Arrest to the hospital for Advanced Care.

On average, there is less than a 5% survival rate in Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurring outside the hospital settingSCA is responsible for the deaths of 300,000 Americans annually.  In communities where a Heart Safe Program has been successfully implemented, see above, the out of hospital SCA survival rate rises to nearly 80%.

Participating Communities

Will receive ongoing support and guidance from Training For Life, Inc., an award winning American Heart Association Training Center, ensuring the quality and sustainability of the program:

  • Purchase, placement, and registration with local EMS of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Physician oversight ensuring the program’s integrity, as required by State law

  • CPR & AED training for designated responders

  • Ongoing reminders for maintenance & retraining to ensure no gap in response capacity

  • Catch 22:

Persons seeking employment requiring an American Heart Association (AHA) credential, but unable to obtain one due to a lack of funds in the first place.

Many of these individuals could serve to strengthen the communities they live in through the provision of healthcare at a time when the medical community is experiencing significant shortages.

  • Home Health Aides

  • RNs, LPNs, PAs

  • Physical Therapists

We break that circle by providing low cost/ no cost training, empowering individuals to take steps toward self-reliance, and a greater quality of life.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Unemployed, without funds to pay for the course

  • Provide proof that the job being applied for requires the AHA credential

  • Share their success story!

CPR/AED in the Schools:

In American alone, some 330,000 people suffer Cardiac Arrest or “Sudden Death” each year.  Immediate bystander response and the use of an AED, offer the victim the greatest chance of survival according to the American Heart Association & the Office of the U.S. Attorney General (Healthy People 2010).

Most states have mandated the placement of AEDs within public schools and the training of school employees to help ensure the safety of our nation’s children.  The proposed program takes such preparedness measures to the next level; what if it were a student responding to another student or staff member?

The CPR in the Schools program is designed to create a self-sufficient, self-sustaining training mechanism, providing continuous CPR/AED & First Aid instruction to High School students.  As an indicator of this “movement” there are currently bills pending before numerous State legislatures to mandate Instruction for all graduating seniors.

In full support of this growing awareness, the AHA has created an award winning, video-based instructional curriculum which is easily integrated into the existing curriculums.  This program trains existing employees/teachers/mature students as American Heart Association Instructors capable of conducting the below programs:

  • Adult/Child & Infant (CPR) & Choking Relief Skills

  • Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Basic First Aid

Participating High Schools will receive all required training, materials, and ongoing support from Training For Life, Inc., an award winning American Heart Association Training Center, to ensure the quality of each course and the programs sustainability.