USS Intrepid

one intrepid sq. new york, NY 10036
Please make sure each deployed AED fits the following criteria:
  1. AED is clean with no obvious damage
  2. AED is Equipped with All Required supplies: Set of sealed and unexpired pads, Rescue Ready Kit and unexpired battery
  3. Status Indicator for Phillips OnSite is present and there is a blinking green light in the top right corner of the unit.
If all three of the below statements are true for EACH UNIT, simply select “YES” for all three check boxes at the bottom and “Submit Report”.


If any of the three is a NOT true, for one or more AED, click the “checkbox” next to that/those units; and indicate the issue/discrepancy in the provided text box beneath the selected unit before clicking “Submit Report”.


For Example: "Pads Expired" or "Unit is damaged," etc.