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Training For Life donated a number of CPR training Manikins in August of 2008 to an organization called the Vassar Uganda Project, which works to bring sustainable medical care to thousands of orphaned children in Northern Uganda.

Uganda played host to a civil war lasting more than 20 years. More than 300,000 people were murdered, 2,000,000 children orphaned, and 50,000 children abducted as child soldiers and sex slaves. On average, the people now live on less than $1/month, face grave disease, malnutrition, and minimal medical care. The Vassar Uganda Project, composed of EMT-basics, paramedics, and physicians, seeks to improve these conditions by partnering with grass roots organizations in Uganda on preventative health projects.

Their trip in August was targeted toward founding a badly needed Emergency Medical Services program for a district of 600,000 people, as well as assisting with the local programs towards eradicating Malaria, malnutrition, and maternal and neonate mortality amongst the district's tens of thousands of orphans and widows.